Corealis Moschato exterior facade

2014 ended with a store and a pharmacy

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The year 2014 ended for KDI CONTRACT with two additions on it’s project portfolio and a series of new contracts for the new year ahead. The COREALIS store, in Moschato Athens, commissioned by the mother company KONTOVEROS, involved a full reconstruction of the old store, while the KAKONIKOS pharmacy harmonised the interior with the exterior.

Corealis Μοσχάτο Καρποί της Θάλασσας

When a new concept is successful… the sequel must follow. After completing the construction of the first pilot Concept Store for the COREALIS brand chain-store at Halandri, the KONTOVEROS company entrusted KDI CONTRACT for the reconstruction of its store in Moschato, with impressive results!

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Kakonikos Pharmacy in Ag. Dimitrios was completed in 2012, following the design and functionality that KDI CONTRACT always provides for. The facade was redefined in 2014 to become a benchmark for the morning and evening customers, of the pharmacy.

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