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Publication of RESIDENCE KIFISIA project in VILLAS 2020 magazine:


Erasing the Classical

This renovation had a double objective: First, to change the functional arrangement of the existing house; second, to introduce a modern sensibility where, until recently, the appearance was classical, featuring symmetry and tiled roofs. The project brief prescribed the extension of the ground level, improvement of the living spaces and remodeling the master bedroom on the second floor. New developments in the life of the family required the radical rearrangement of the house, twelve years after its inception. In the new layout, the main entrance was removed from its central location and was placed in a different zone, at the corner of the new extension of the living room. This way, the linear path to the entrance no longer remains adjacent to the swimming pool; instead, it is now far removed and is kept at a slightly lower level, due to the gently sloping ground. Furthermore, the new kitchen is placed in recess next to the staircase, opening space for the lounge and dining area to be located after the entrance.

The core of the new layout, that includes the integrated kitchen and dining area, becomes cross-ventilated for the first time and connects the front and the back gardens, that were separated until now. To mark this core, a large eave in the shape of an elongated white strip was designed, extending to the living room. This cantilever introduces a horizontal organizational line to the façade and creates a large sheltered space adjacent to the swimming pool, which is very convenient for outdoor living.

The permeable core on the ground floor benefits from the depth of the property and visually extends to the park nearby. The new master bedroom is now open to the park view. Finally, the fence on the park side was designed in alternating metal panels and moveable parts, resulting in a “folded” morphology: This is reminiscent of column flutings, where shortly spaced corrugated metal components stay independent and appear to float.


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